Monday, January 16, 2012

Gumi programme 1984

This amusing cover of the 1984 Gumi programme shows that feminism hadn't reached this part of the world just yet. It's cringeworthy now but at the time the image was probably considered unremarkable. The Wagga Wagga City Library has a handful of programmes , all of them containing basically the same information , including a list of festival events, advertising from local sponsors and a map of the race route.
This programme also has a bonus selection of captioned photographs from previous races.

Interestingly 1984 was the year an alcohol ban was introduced and "hard missiles" were also banned from the race itself. The "Life- be in it" message, introduced by the government in 1978, was incorporated into the general ethos of the festival by the organisers, presenting the race and associated events as good wholesome fun for the whole family.

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Michael said...

Those were the days, eh blokes? Eh?