Thursday, November 22, 2012

Music, dancing...

Two more great resources in the local studies collection :

Bruce Carty's history of Australian radio is a recent addition and has information on all Australian radio stations , station logos, including  wireless radio history , and more importantly , explains the letters in station identifiers - which were always a mystery to me..

Bill Forrest has compiled a history of dance bands in country New South Wales - photographs of early dance bands with names like the Col Thompson Swingtet ( Harden Murrumburrah 1953 - 1960) , the Ganmain Revellers (1938) , The Blue Diamonds ( Forbes 1958 -1966 ), and smoothly named Rhythmaires ( Molong 1960s ) and the stories surrounding the bands and the venues make for interesting reading. If you played in a dance band or went to dances where local bands played send me an email ( ) or come into the library to tell us your memories.

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