Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hard core, hard copy, *old school* : the Wagga Wagga City Art Gallery's Arty Facts, 1989 - 1993

Cover : Chen Liu, A little mischief, 1988, woodcut.

Back in the day, before the interwebs, before email, blogs, twitter and facebook, how did cultural institutions share information ? One way was the printed newsletter or journal, (still around today) and tucked away in  Wagga Wagga City Library local studies there is a set of newsletters produced by the Wagga Wagga City Art Gallery between 1989 - 1993. 
The newsletters, published twice a year, during this five year period, were produced with the help of a grant from the New South Wales Ministry of the Arts. Information includes national touring exhibitions, locally curated exhibitions, workshops, performance art and installation art, as well as articles on teaching and experiencing art, gallery tours and talks. General image quality isn't great but woodcuts ( a favourite of mine) turn out well.The newsletters are a valuable historical and cultural reference. 
We're not sure if this is a complete set of newsletters for this period of time or if there was another version of the newsletter before or after 1989 - 1993. We'd love to hear if you have any information to share about Arty Facts - email is wagga.local.studies@gmail.com or drop into the library . Or if you would like to read the newsletters, and you are a member of the library, they are available for viewing within the library. 

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