Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Not so quiet on the home front: Wagga Wagga, World War One and the Kangaroo March

1915 : a new year and a world war, Wagga Wagga was rapidly becoming involved in the national war effort by holding and hosting recruiting drives and other events .  Arguably the biggest of these was the Kangaroo March, which kicked off in Wagga on December 1, 1915. The Daily Advertiser reported on all the associated meetings, discussions and gatherings, the newspaper being the most up to date technology for disseminating the war news (which it liked to point out to its readers, on the front page: “ CABLES AND TELEGRAMS EVERY MORNING News before any other source” )

The Kangaroo March, by Sherry Morris and Harold Fife, is a detailed history of the Kangaroo March itself, but also offers insights into other aspects surrounding the effect of the war on the local area. Australia is currently commemorating the 100 years anniversary of ANZACS participating in World War One, so now is a good time to research all things 1914-1918. 

 There are many reputable websites with information regarding Australia’s  contribution to the war , for example the Australian War Memorial :

                                         Australians on the Western Front
                                         100 Years of ANZAC

But best of all you can come to the library and borrow a copy of The Kangaroo March, or book the microfilm reader to look at the Daily Advertiser’s war reporting, or use the library’s free wifi or computer access to look up World War One websites, or look for general or local information about the Great War.  See you soon! 

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